Meet The Team


Kiera Hinshaw


Kiera has been involved in the natural health industry for over 10 years. kiera has a keen passion for food as medicine, and believes by addressing the underlying cause of the dis-eased state, the body will naturally work in harmony again. In her spare time Kiera enjoys cooking nutritious meals and snacks

Margaret Lai

Margaret Lai


Margaret has relocated to the Whitsunday’s from Sydney. Margaret completed her degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2015. During her studies Margaret had an opportunity to work in an integrative medicine hospital in Chengdu, China.

Margaret is passionate about providing holistic healthcare by incorporating lifestyle, diet and exercise advice into each treatment to achieve the best results.

Margaret has a special interest in women’s health,fertility, stress management and acute and chronic pain.

Margaret enjoys cooking vegan cuisine and playing with her very cute puppy ‘Dennis’

Margaret is available for Acupuncture Monday – Friday 9am-530pm